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Logical research means the investigation of all regularity. And outside logic all is accident.

The so-called law of induction cannot in any case be a logical law, for it is obviously a significant propositions. -- And therefore it cannot be a law a priori either.

The law of causality is not a law but the form of a law. *

We do not believe a priori in a law of conservation, but we know a priori the possibility of a logical form.

All propositions, such as the law of causation, the law of continuity in nature, the law of least expenditure in nature, etc. etc., all these are a priori intuitions of possible forms of the propositions of science,

Although the spots in our picture are geometrical figures, geometry can obviously say nothing about their actual form and position. But the network is purely geometrical, and all its properties can be given a priori.

Laws, like the law of causation, etc., treat of the network and not what the network describes.

If there were a law of causality, it might run: "There are natural laws".

But that can clearly not be said: it shows itself.

A necessity for one thing to happen because another has happened does not exist. There is only logical necessity.

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