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Oliver Smith (aka 'kfs1' or 'kfsone'). For more about me, see my About page.


Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, Developer.
Wannabe: Chef, astronomer, musician.

I love to create software that empowers others and feeds creativity. For me, the result is in seeing the lightbulb go-on for someone else using what I've provided.


Work: Facebook; Home: Redwood City, CA
Work: Blizzard/World of Warcraft; Home: Irvine, CA
Work: Playnet/WWII Online; Home: Bedford, TX
Work: Page3.com (Mature content caution); Home: London, England
Work: The Guardian; London, England
Work: RedBus; Home: London, England
Work: Granada Media; Home: London, England
Work: Demon Internet; Home: London, England
(and Amsterdam for a year) Work: Arctic Breeze, Grimsby; Home: Grimsby
Work: Promax (Cosalt, I.D.A, The Visual Connection, BSSI, Arctic Breeze, Marshall Sutton and others); Home: Grimsby
College: Grimsby College of Technology; Home: Grimsby
Early Days =) Grimsby

Is that it?

Mostly. I've never done the diary thing well, so my Blog is about as exciting as a weekend on a siberian snow-farm -- an abandoned siberian snow-farm

Contacting Me

You can reach me at:

Load of Rubbish!

Here's a stupid load of rubbish to demonstrate to a friend that being indexed by Google is not proof of truth.