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Oliver Smith: Software/Performance/Reliability Engineer

My primary skillset is with C++ under Linux with additional specialization in cross-platform development, performance engineering and backend game systems.

Secondary skills include business automation, developer tools, pipeline/build tools and databases. I've done extensive work in Python, Perl, Shell, JavaScript and Lua; smaller amounts of work in PHP, C#, etc.

I've also spent a lot of time working on build/pipeline systems, especially dealing with cross-platform/environment build tooling: I have several years experience using automake, cmake, scons, msbuild and xcode; various CI and build systems including bamboo, jenkins, final builder. I've done various amounts of work on code-generation/DSL systems as part of build tooling, performance instrumentation/analysis and debugging systems.

Past work includes 2 years as a Production Engineer at Facebook working on the Feed team, 2 years on the World of Warcraft server team and 9 years on the WWII Online Server Team, media companies including The Guardian Online and Granada TV and the UKs first dial-up ISP (Demon Internet).

For an informal background, see my "About" page.

I love to create software that empowers others and feeds creativity. For me, the result is in seeing the lightbulb go-on for someone else using what I've provided.

2021 Resume: .docx

Employment History:

Earlier: Demon Internet, Granada Media, The Guardian Online, News International